Duct tape comes in handy when you’re trying to dampen some snare ring or cut the high end sustain out of your cymbals. BUT… hockey tape is way better. It’s lighter weight, it doesn’t leave any resin, it even comes in American flag or flame designs. Seriously.

Another local Minneapolis drummer named JT Bates clued me in to hockey tape, and now I never play a gig without it. Go get some immediately – you will thank me later.

Update: HOCKEY TAPE SUCKS. It is light weight and does a great job dampening drum heads and cymbals, but it leaves TONS of resin… it just doesn’t show up until you’ve had the tape on there for a few months. The tape you need? GAFF TAPE. OH MY GOODNESS I LOVE GAFF TAPE SO MUCH. Most hardware stores have it, otherwise hit up a Tour Supply near you.