I already confessed that I’m a Phish fan, and I’m not ashamed of it. Upon featuring their final record as AOTW #16, I proceeded through a nostalgic listening of much of the rest of their catalog. I have since decided that Story Of The Ghost and A Live One are my favorites.

Anyway, I bring Phish up again because of today’s big summer tour announcement. This news is big because the band broke up 5 years ago, and swore they would never reunite. Subsequent interviews made it clear that the break-up was amicable on all sides – it seemed it was “just time to end it.” They thought they were becoming caricatures of themselves, and obviously wanted to avoid Brett Farve disease.

But, they’re back.  Phish will play a three-night stand this March in VA, and the ten dates booked for June.  There are also rumors swirling that Phish may even headline the Bonnaroo festival this year.

Check out the official tour announcement, seen on the band’s website this morning…