I don’t watch much TV, but I’ve been following Idol a little bit this season because I used to play drums with Jesse Langseth.  She’s from Minneapolis, and she did the bar band thing with cover tunes and some originals.  She’s a really cool girl, and does a killer Robert Plant.

Actually, on a random note, I had the WORST gig experience of my life with her when she was auditioning a new guitarist.  This guy did not prepare at all for the gig, and most of the tunes we played were riff-based and relied heavily on the guitar.  Botched chords, forgetting riffs, wrong notes… I’ve never been involved in a performance where someone blew it so badly.  Pretty soon Jesse just put her guitar on (which she normally used on only one or two songs) and she, the bassist (Steve Oakes), and I just played the rest of the gig pretending this awful guitarist wasn’t there.

Anyway, I found this article on her performance from last night’s American Idol episode.  She’s a good musician – and it’s cool to see the press recognize that.  Be sure and vote for her if you’re into that kind of thing.

UPDATE:  Looks like Jesse didn’t make into the top 12.  Oh well.  She still rules, and maybe now she’ll play more local shows in the Twin Cities.