When I started this blog a year ago, I first did a quick “drum blogs” google search to see how other people did it. I was surprised to find that there really aren’t any, or at least the search “drum blog” doesn’t produce any good results.  This gave me even more motivation to start my own blog.

I’ve since discovered that there are a few other drum blogs out there. A couple that stand out are Nashville drummer Dustin Rohrer’s lesson-oriented blogspot, and Bwack from the David Crowder Band’s page on DCB’s website, where he occasionally posts about electronics and gear.

Check out Dustin’s thoughts on the value of the Rudiment Ritual by Alan Dawson (a value to which I can emphatically attest), and then behold this amazing, larger-than-life, custom sampler that Bwack built for the Family Force 5’s Warped Tour shows last year.