The week’s music news thus far…

– The Flaming Lips were recently honored with the naming of their song “Do You Realize?” as the official song of the state of Oklahoma.  Some political drama shadowed the decision, culminating in the state’s governor issuing an executive order on the selection of the song.

– The owners of the huge Swedish Bit-Torrent/file-sharing website Pirate Bay were convicted last week in a copyright violation trial.  However, a retrial is now imminent as it has been revealed that both the judge and some of the prosecutors also work for copyright protection companies, including one that was awarded funds from the sentencing.  Meanwhile, Pirate Bay is still operational and has doubled in users from the publicity.  WallStreetJournal

– Everybody’s favorite band, Creed, has announced plans to tour and record another record.  I’m sure the reunion is due, at least in part, to the overwhelming response to this inspiring performance.

– The French pop machine MGMT recently settled a lawsuit against the French political party UPM for using a track without permission in some campaign ads.  The band donated all the proceeds to various artist rights groups.

– Wilco has a new album out soon, officially titled Wilco (The Album).  The first track of the record has been similarly titled as “Wilco (The Song).”

– Prince did some television interviews this week, and the bizarre factor of the ensuing quotes perhaps demonstrates why a Prince television interview is such a rare thing.

– Editorial item:  For those who don’t know, my wife and I are expecting our second child in November.