Had a long rehearsal with Jesse Langseth last night.  Long, as in, 5 hours.  Whew.  It was cool, though.

Jesse made it a good way into this season of American Idol, and is having her official Twin Cities homecoming next Wednesday at the Fineline. The stuff she’s doing now is different than what we used to play in her band, although some of the songs are the same. Our set for the gig will include re-worked versions of her originals and some cool covers – think Al Green meets Missy Higgins.

The show, like I said, is next Wednesday. We play at 9pm or something. Everybody should come down… I think it will be very cool.

PS.  Jesse’s had a little bad press lately, which is funny because I think that means the show will probably be packed, although it’s a bummer for her to be in the tabloids.  She posted a blog about it at her myspace if you want to check that out.