I’ve got a busy week this week… probably not going to blog much. I’m just saying.

On a somewhat related note, my wordpress hit count is rapidly approaching twenty thousand, which is really cool. Noteworthy in that total is the fact that I’ve had the blog for just over a year, but the far majority of the hits have come since only February ’09.  In the early days I used to actually write more… about drum lessons and other music musings.  I still try to write from time to time, but let’s face it: I blew all my good material back when nobody read my blog and now all I can do is post random Youtube videos and “mews.”

Anyway, because of my slammed schedule this week, and in anticipation of the 20-K mark, I thought I’d throw out a few links to the yesteryear of this site, so the noobs can see how far downhill the posts have gotten…

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PS.  In going over older posts, I came across this post about my top 5 jazz drummers.  I evidently forgot about this post when I wrote the exact same thing last week.  But… it wasn’t exactly the same thing… because I swapped Jack DeJohnette for Joey Baron.  Hmmm.