Recent music news…

– A handful of unearthed letters written by Jazz founding father Louis Armstrong will be auctioned off in London next week.  The hand-written correspondence was sent to a British journalist that Satch was friends with, and provide an inside look at the trumpeter’s personal thoughts on music and race.   The Observer

– Grammy-winning rap artist T.I. played a sold-out show at Phillips Arena on Sunday, then checked in on Tuesday to the Arkansas Federal Corrections Institution where he is to serve out his 1-year prison sentence for illegal firearms purchases.  T.I. closed Sunday’s performance by telling the audience, “I’ll see ya’ll in 366 days.”   New York Times

– Nerd-rock legends Weezer have struck a deal with the Snuggie (the blanket with sleeves).  Rivers Cuomo had this to say about the soon-to-be-released new product: “A Wuggie is basically exactly like a Snuggie, except it says Weezer on it. The people at Snuggie are doing it with us and promoting it with us. It’s a totally legit Snuggie.” A Wuggie… I can’t think of anything more awesome.

– The Beastie Boys appeared on Jimmy Fallon this past Monday to promote the re-release of their popular Check Your Head record.  The hip-hop trio also revealed the title of their forthcoming record, Hot Sauce Committee, and then proceeded to throw down with a single from Check Your Head, featuring The Roots as the backing band.

– American Idol runner up Adam Lambert gave a stellar performance with Queen on the final night of the show.  Stellar enough, in fact, that Queen is apparently considering Lambert for the official front man position in that band.

– Editorial: I’m booking lesson slots for the summer months this next week.  Message me or whatever if you’re interested in locking down a time…