The first and perhaps only Bill Mike show of 2009 will be tomorrow night at Tiff’s in St Paul. The evening will be hosted by a cool band called Charn as they release their debut recording, These Sins Of Mine.  My friend Phil Hicks, who plays bass in the Jeremy Sanoski Band, is the bassist for Charn.  They rule.  Also in the evening’s lineup is the reincarnation of the Minneapolis indie-pop band Cowboy Curtis, now called Wishbook.

It’ll be a great night of music.  Make it happen.

PS. Morrissey plays bass in both Bill Mike and Wishbook, and he’s in town from NYC this week because of the release of his debut record as a bandleader/composer, The Morning World.  He was featured on the first hour of 89.3’s The Local Show last week, which you can listen to here.