Music news for the week…

– Of course everybody knows about what Kanye West did on Sunday night’s MTV Video Music Awards show, but maybe some of you haven’t seen his apology from Monday’s Leno show.  Rolling Stone

– Coldplay has settled their lawsuit with guitarist Joe Satriani, citing “under stipulation.”  Legal sources for both parties say that the agreement contains a “financial settlement.”  Billboard

– The Californian cult-indie band Pavement is reuniting… or at least they are scheduled to perform at Central Park Summerstage in Sept of 2010, which will be their first show since there official goodbye in 1999. Brooklyn Vegan

– Bobby Graham, a very prolific and respected British session player from the 60’s, passed away on Monday.  Graham played on over 15,000 tracks and was allegedly on the short list for replacing Pete Best in the Beatles before Ringo joined.  NME

– U2 is reissuing their 1984 record, “The Unforgettable Fire,” which is due out October 27 of this year.  There are apparently multiple versions of the reissue, which will include anything from B-sides and alternate mixes to never-before released tracks.  Billboard