Those of you who recognize the name Zoltan Chaney know what’s coming. Those of you who don’t… prepare to lay eyes on the most entertaining drummer of all time. This is literally some of the coolest visual performing that I have EVER seen.  Amazing.

A friend of mine told me about this guy a long time ago, but I’d never actually seen it for myself until a couple nights ago.  I think to fully appreciate what’s happening, you need to watch all the videos with your eyes closed first, so you can start by HEARING what he’s doing.  He’s nailing it.  All the parts, all the grooves, all the responsibilities that a drummer is supposed to fulfill… he’s totally there.  He’s actually got pretty good feel too.  And then he does the gimmick part, and I seriously cannot handle it.  I LOVE THIS GUY, and I normally don’t get into this kind of thing.

So… enjoy.