Sunny Day played on Fallon last night, and it was pretty rocking. For those who don’t know that band, they basically invented the Emo sound, or at least they’re the ones who really established it. They formed back in 1992 but broke up in 1995.  When the group disbanded, drummer William Goldsmith and bassite Nate Mendel joined the Foo Fighters.  Goldsmith was replaced by Taylor Hawkins in 1997, but I think Mendel still plays in Foo Fighters.  In 2003 Enigk, Goldsmith, and Mendel put out a record under the name The Fire Theft, and it is medium awesome.  Dan Hoerner, the 4th member of Sunny Day, also played with Dashboard Confessional for a little while.

Anyway, I have their second album, LP2, and the music is killing, interesting, passionate, and NOT sloppy (which is maybe the difference between emo and general indie rock).  Watch how freaking hard William Goldsmith plays the drums.  He’s bashing, but again, not in a sloppy or uncontrolled way.  For anyone who was wondering, this is how rock drummers are supposed to play…

UPDATE:  The youtube video I had posted is now removed for copyright reasons, so check out the direct link to NBC here.