Ok… the new John Mayer single… I just heard the song for the first time while watching the video, and I seriously don’t know how to respond. The track is like Tom Petty’s beautiful record Wildflowers, but with Busta Rhymes writing the lyrics.  Aside from the music and production being really great, the song is a complete letdown.

I suppose this is my 1:00am gut reaction, so maybe I’ll recant later.  If you want to check it out for yourself, then you’ll have to click here, because I don’t want to embed this video.  The images/concept are, frankly, a lot of what is wrong with today’s generation in America… in my opinion, of course.

The whole thing just seems so out-of-character for the guy who wrote Continuum and regularly calls for Americans to remember their brave men and women in uniform.  In fact, I have a small hunch that releasing this track as the first single on Mayer’s new record is actually part of a big sociological statement on his part.  I mean, literally, the song and the video are an EXACT REPRESENTATION of what most people associate with the becoming-a-different-person-once-you-hit-the-big-time phenomenon.  Whatever the case, I just really hope the rest of the record is different.

That is all.  (steps down from soapbox…)

UPDATE:  Lots of great discussion about this in the comments… nice.  Meanwhile, the second single was just released, and I really dig it.  Check it out below…