Well, something happened to my blog. Not sure how, but all of a sudden I’m getting significantly more traffic than usual. Meaning, I used to get between 80-150 hits a day, and for the past two weeks I’ve been averaging 700 hits a day. Huh. Maybe the WordPress hit tracker is adding a zero onto all my stats or something?

Anyway, just to be safe, I changed the header photo on the site. Up until now I’ve been using this totally rad Basquiat painting of Max Roach, but… I don’t own the copyright to it and I’m afraid I might get myself in legal trouble somewhere. If anybody knows anything about that please fill me in, because I’d love to put the Basquiat back up if there isn’t a problem with that.  You can read about why I like that painting here.

And, while I was changing the header photo I decided to also change the tag line on the blog. “Drummers Are Musicians Too” might sound cheesy, but it really summarizes what this blog is about. There are plenty of drum forums and youtube videos out there that consist only of stupid hair-splitting drummer CRAP, so I decided right from the start to make this site about MUSIC. Being a drummer means being a musician – period. That means all the things that matter to musicians should matter to drummers. This blog often takes a specific look at how drummers are involved in music, because I myself am a drummer, but the concepts and discussions can and should occupy the broader world of music and art, not just drums.

PS. The new header photo is a shot of a band I’m in called the Bill Mike Band. You check our music out here.