I mentioned in the post about my newborn daughter Suzy (directly below this post) that I did a clinic at McNally-Smith School of Music this past Friday. It was actually a “seminar” led by my friend Cory Wong, the guitarist I played with at the AQ a few weeks ago. I was simply sitting in with his quartet for the seminar, and then I answered some questions from the students and whatever. It was super fun though. I love the opportunities to try and answer questions from younger musicians, just because I remember how hungry for any/all insight I was back when I began to get serious about being a musician.

Anyway, I came across this video as I was cleaning off my hard drive to make room for Suzy footage. This is Cory’s quartet at the AQ, but I forget the name of the tune we’re playing. Cory, if you’re reading this, remind me what this track is called!

PS. I was sight-reading the tune, so forgive me for having my face buried in the chart!