A few summers ago I met Seth Earnest somehow.  I don’t think we’ve ever met in person, but we have mutual friends and connected through myspace.  Seth is a good dude.

Anyway, Seth plays drums for a hip-hop artist named John Reuben.  He recently broke his wrist right before a tour.  Not convenient.  Solution: learn all the drum parts one-handed and do the tour like it doesn’t matter you’re playing drums with only one arm.  Check out “Day 1” of his prep, and the other days are linked below.

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

UPDATE: I chatted with Seth a little last night.  Reuben’s tour just concluded and he had some great things to say about how it went:

Yeah, the tour went as well as it could have.  There were certain parts of the show where it was like, “Oh man… I’m incapable of producing as much sound as I normally do here…” but Reuben was happy with everything, so I can’t complain.  I definitely learned a lot about new limitations and using those to one’s advantage.  Like, “Oh, I can’t smash and bash this rock section of this tune right now… guess I’ll have to change it to something vibey/groovier/funkier/whatever it could be.”  It actually started to feel really cool after the first couple shows.  It’s like anything: relaxing into new ideas instead of trying to force old ones (e.g. how two arms are supposed to sound when you only have one!) always creates something unique and exciting.