I just got done giving our newborn daughter Suzy a bottle for tonight’s first feeding. She’s two and half weeks old now, and the whole having-a-newborn-around-the-house-again situation is really going great.

Anyway, I always quietly play music on Suzy’s nursery stereo, and just now we were listening to a Radiohead-tribute record by a classical pianist named Christopher O’RileyTrue Love Waits is 15 tracks of Radiohead songs, all arranged and performed by O’Riley on solo grand piano.

Listening to this album reminded me again why I love Radiohead so much: the music is simply some of the most gorgeous music I have ever heard.  It’s sometimes easy to miss this because their more recent work is so heavily produced and saturated with the influence of electronic instruments.  When all that is stripped away and the tunes are just played on piano, the beauty and complexity of the COMPOSITIONS becomes so apparent.  The very existence of a record like True Love Waits is a testament to the brilliance of Radiohead’s writing, being that classical musicians are typically quite snobbish about the works they choose to record.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I don’t like Radiohead’s drummer at all.  In fact, Phil Selway is probably the most uninspiring player I can think of… and yet, I still love Radiohead’s music.