I’m having my first experience with union crew workers at the Pantages Theater this weekend.  I’ve heard about this.  There’s a crew of 5 or 6 guys (doing a job that two guys have handled at every other venue on the tour), and our entire situation at these gigs is at the mercy of the union schedule for breaks and other nonsense, and meanwhile they spend the whole night reading romance novels when they aren’t dozing off.

Honestly, I just don’t get it.  Can anybody enlighten me on the point of unions, beyond allowing guys who are past their prime to get paid handsomely for doing NOTHING while inconveniencing everyone in the process?  I’m serious here.  The unions have such a huge foothold on so many aspects of the American workforce – they must be doing something to contribute to society, right?  Anything?  Bueller…

workin’ hard

you betcha