Drummer Seminar… drum clinic… whatever you want to call it.  I’m doing one in a couple weeks (as in I’ll be leading the event) at my home church.  Consider this your invitation.

The topic for discussion will be “playing drums in church,” an area I am somewhat qualified to comment on, at least in the sense that I’ve probably spent more cumulative time doing that than any other kind of gig.  My intention is to share some of my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned, and my hope is that it would help other players who find themselves behind the kit in a church.  However, I’ll probably go over lots of stuff that is relevant to playing drums generally, so for that reason the event is open to anyone: any age, any experience level, any church affiliation, whatever… all are welcome.  There’s no registration or anything like that, just show up.

The session will run 10am-noon, and has a suggested donation of $5. That money will cover the donuts and coffee that I am told will be there, with hopefully some leftover so I can buy myself lunch afterward.

This event is as simple as me wanting to have a gathering of drummers that play in churches so I can share my perspective and see where other players are at with it.  Please forward this invitation along to anyone that you think may be interested.

Details recap:
Saturday, March 13th
10:00am – 12:00pm
New Hope Church (4225 Gettysburg Avenue N.  New Hope, MN 55428)
$5 (suggested donation)

ps… when you arrive at the church, head in the doors to the right of the entrance with the awning… we’ll be in the sanctuary area.