So much for my glowing review of the DW 7000 kick pedal. It cracked on me during a gig last weekend. To be fair, the pedal was 6 years old and I stomp the heck out of it, but still… I HATE IT when gear fails on me in the middle of a gig.

Just another reminder to always have back-ups… kick and snare mainly, because everything else either doesn’t REALLY matter or can be fixed with duck tape. For example, when this pedal broke, the top of the foot plate shot forward and punched a hole toward the bottom of the kick head… which I just patched with a bunch of duck tape and forgot about. I’m playing a different gig with it right now and it sounds great. But the pedal – I had to call a friend and get one in the middle of the gig or else we couldn’t have finished.

Moral of the story: Always bring a back-up kick pedal and snare to a gig.  Like I said, anything else that breaks can be fixed with duck tape or just avoided for the rest of the gig.  Kick and snare though… they gotta be there.