I have suddenly come across an old Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum that I can’t bear to live without.  But alas, the Goold’s don’t have any more snare drums in the budget right now, so it’s time for another quick hustling of some gear that I’m not using as often as I should, but that I wouldn’t be selling at all if it weren’t for the surprise option to pick up this Ludwig snare.  That’s my way of saying that I stand behind this stuff… it’s all in great shape and worth grabbing if you need something like this.

Here’s the full list with links to the craigslist postings I just put up…

DW 5000 single pedal
Yamaha hihat stand
Roc N Soc throne
Anvil hardware case
13″ Zildjian K/Z hihats

PS. I’m also selling a pretty nice beginner-level Mapex kit on behalf of one of my students, and then when I was scrolling down other CL posts just now I found this killer acrylic 3-pc Risen Drums kit priced pretty fairly (especially for the huge sizes).

UPDATE: All of the above stuff is now spoken for, except for the Anvil case.  I have a handful of other ATA road cases and I’m getting tired of them sitting around.  All of them were “project” purchases and now they’re just collecting dust, so I’ll be selling them super cheap.  I’ll post a CL link soon.