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To all my blog readers… so sorry about the lack of content lately. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, blogging has unfortunately found itself at the bottom of this summer’s priority list. Such is life.

However, in the meantime, I give you the winning performance from this afternoon’s air-drumming contest at the Goold house…

I feel like “deuce” is an accurate term here…

It’s way funnier because I think the guy is actually serious. I was also going to make fun of the robot’s wuss volume, but sadly that’s not too far off from how I have to play at my regular church gig.

HT: Jason Miller

Attention Internet: The Bill Mike Band has put together a last-minute show at Mayslack’s in Northeast Minneapolis. Tonight, July 3rd, 9pm.

This is most likely the only show we will play in 2010. Be there.

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