A very unique, 21st-century, and potentially far-reaching concept is currently being tested at a website called Kickstarters. It’s a new approach to fundraising in the digital world, where you set a goal for yourself financially and then ask people to contribute. If the goal is met by the deadline determined, then you get the money no strings attached… but if the goal isn’t met, then your supporters’ pledges aren’t actually charged and subsequently you don’t get any money at all. Interesting, right? I’m imagining the ramifications of this in the music world could finally throw the label-funding model out the window for good.

As it happens, my friends in the band Halloween Alaska are attempting to fund their “new” (as in, yet to be recorded) album with Kickstarter. Go check out their Kickstarter page and support them, because they rule and because the world will be a better place once another HA album is in it.  They’ve even got some cool kick-backs for those who support, ranging from advanced copies of the record to private in-person performances.