So I traded in my prototype Glo Kit for an expanded and upgraded one, which is being assembled this week. I’m taking it out on the Blenders upcoming Holiday Tour, so look for videos and pics of that coming soon.

In other Glo Kit news, all the custom drum manufacturers are starting to churn out glowing drums of their own, and I came across some of the videos online last night.  Shine Drums made a kit that Katy Perry’s drummer has been using, and Phattie Drums also has one.  Then there’s the SJC version.  But my favorite is this dude from Spaun Drums.  I think it’s his comfortable demeanor on camera that really sells me.

I was also told that Toby Mac’s drummer is touring with one, in addition to Mercy Me and then Katy Perry.  So the idea is getting out there!

PS… I noticed a debate in the comment sections of one of the videos, and interestingly enough, it appears that SJC had some internally-lit acrylic drums at their NAMM booth back in mid January.  I’m not sure if the lights are programmable LEDs or just bulbs, but regardless, those things are definitely glowing.  RD first purchased the parts and mapped out the kit idea in late November, but we didn’t complete the assembly until February 1st, so it looks like SJC wins the “first with a glow kit” prize!  The fact that someone else assembled a kit like that before RD did is news to me.  I was tossing the idea around the RD shop way back in the spring of ’09, but I guess I should have acted on it sooner.  Oh well.