Hello readers.  I feel obligated to apologize for not posting much this month, and the obligation comes from my sincere gratitude for you all, who visit and subscribe to this blog and often tell me how you appreciate and enjoy what I write.  So thanks for that, and sorry for the sparse posts lately.

In an attempt to make up for it, I’ve got a youtube playlist for you of a clinic I did last month.  Fair warning: it’s pretty long.  There are over a dozen videos and they are all 5-10 min.  The second half of the playlist isn’t in order of the way the clinic happened, and a lot of the clips are from the Q and A time, so some of it will seem random.  I just watched it myself and I have to say that I CANNOT BELIEVE how often I say “right?” at the end of my sentences.  Wow.  Go ahead and laugh at me for that.  And, feel free to post any questions regarding the stuff I say.  I’m always looking to refine my perspectives and being challenged by others’ questions is a great way to do that.