– The famed NYC experimental rock band Yo La Tengo is currently touring with a huge Price Is Right wheel onstage, filled with various potential activities for their shows.  Each evening an audience member spins the wheel and the band does whatever it lands on.  So far everybody thought the “act out an entire Seinfeld episode” option was a joke, but apparently not…  Pitchfork

– State Farm commercials?  Um, so… yeah.  Weezer has officially sold out.  Youtube

– Prince owes some Dublin promoters a whole bunch of money, and he’s not paying.  A canceled gig in Ireland last year left Prince getting sued by the MCD entertainment company, but opting to settle out of court.  Now he’s getting sued again for not following through on the settlement, with the price tag currently at 2.2 million Euro and rising.  NME

– My daughter Betty (and 5-yr-olds across the nation) will be happy to hear that Miley Cyrus is hosting SNL March 5.  I’m trying to think of who else will be happy about that…  Billboard

– Activision has discontinued the once-popular music video game Guitar Hero, which I think indicates the decline overall in music gaming, and I for one don’t see that as a bad thing.  COS

– Miles Davis fans will be happy to hear of yet another previously unreleased live recording, documenting Miles’ Bitches Brew era band and their epic performance at the Isle of Wight Festival.  AllAboutJazz

– Editorial: Risen Drums is now building their own wood and metal shells, opening up tons of options previously unavailable when they ordered shells from Keller.  I did a session yesterday with some of the new stuff: a beautiful and classic sounding mahogany 3-pc kit and a completely aluminum snare with dbl 45 bearing edges.  These drums are totally killer and ONLY available through RD.  Look for a video next week…