Hey all. Lots going on in my life right now with gigging and what not. So in the stead of a lengthy rant of music philosophy, here’s a link to a free 2-track EP by Minneapolis singer-songwriter Brynne Andre.

This EP was recorded and produced by my friend Matt Patrick, who hired me to play drums. Brynne had the idea to release these songs for V-day only recently, so we tracked the tunes in a short session last Thursday, and Matt mixed them over the weekend.  People, that is the FASTEST turnaround for a studio project that I have ever heard of.  Good work, Matt.

So check out the tunes and happy Valentine’s Day.

PS. For the gear nerds, I used a new Mahogany RD kit I got last week which sounds incredible: 9×13 rack, 16×16 floor, 14×24 kick… reinforcement hoops, inner coating… the vintage works.  The snare on the first track is my old Black Beauty, and on the 2nd track it’s my new 8×15 Glo Kit snare tuned way down.  Cymbals are all Paiste Traditional: 16″ crash/hats, 20″ thin ride (left crash), 22″ medium light ride, 22″ light ride (right crash).