Hey all. I’m really amped to be doing another seminar like last year’s March gathering.  This year’s event will be similar to last year, but I’ve got some new topics to cover and ideas to share, and I also want to do some extended Q&A both at the front end and closing of the clinic.

So here are the details for this year…

What: Lecture, demo, discussion, and gear geek-out session
When: Saturday, March 19, 10am-noon
Where: New Hope Church (Twin Cities)
Why: To develop in the unique skill of playing drums (and music generally) in a modern church environment, and to further expand the growing community of MN “church” musicians
Who: Anyone and everyone is invited… drummers, other instrumentalists, worship leaders… students, parents… etc
Cost: $5 suggested donation (not a deal-breaker, but will help me pay for the coffee and donuts I’ll be providing)

Also, I’m super excited to have some brand new equipment from the companies I endorse, which I’ll have at the clinic for test-driving (that’s the “gear geek-out” part). This includes an all-mahogany RD kit, prototype snare and kick pedal cases from Mono, and hopefully some killer new Paiste models (yet to be confirmed).  The Mono guy has even given me a stick bag to raffle off, so you might leave with the hippest stick bag on the market compliments of my man Pat at Mono.

I’ll post some additional info in the coming weeks, but in the meantime you can check out the notes from last year’s event to get a feel for the discussions.  Please feel free to pass this invitation along to ANYONE you think might be interested.