I’m playing at a camp in northern Minnesota this week, and the environment/vibe of the gig is such that I’m using hot rods for everything. Two gigs today, two tomorrow, and 1 more on Wednesday. So… I bought two pairs of Hot Rods yesterday to be set for the week, and I was surprised to find that Sound Percussion offers a wholesale option on what looked like exactly the same product as the famous Pro Mark models. Actually, the SP rods have a black wrap on the dowels instead of the red, which seems hipper anyway.

Well, I’m 1 gig down and 4 to go, and two of the four sticks are already broken. Unreal. And they’re not breaking in the normal way (with the dowels chipping), but rather the glue at the base of the sticks is releasing and dowels are shooting out the top.  These things suck.  Don’t buy them.

The end.