A great lesson on some of the most basic and important issues in drumming, from my new online friend Matt…

Now, these sticking strokes, as far as I’m concerned, are immensely important.  But pay attention to this statement: one CANNOT really play music and simultaneously give cognitive attention to technical things like this.  The collision of this reality with the importance of technique/rudimental issues is a place where a massive disconnect lives in many musicians.

Probably the most important thing Dave King taught me was to know my rudiments and technique, and know them well – and in fact know and trust them so deeply that I no longer relate to them on a conscious level.  I speak about this in my clinics and private lessons regularly, and I’ll probably discuss it a little on the 19th.  The gist of it is this: When I drive a manual transmission car, I don’t want working the stick shift and clutch to require my focus.  I need to focus on the road, traffic, my speed, my driving directions… everything that driving entails.  A real musician must relate to technique in the same way, utilizing the benefits that proper technique brings without spending any of the mental dollar on it.

I’m sure I’ll write more on this in the future.