Holy high ride cymbal, Batman…


I’ve been digging this band lately, and definitely the drummer John Stanier.  He’s got a super solid feel and tons of patience for the long looping moments of their music.  And good grief, that ride cymbal height… so funny and so awesome.

Also, the drum entrance is a great example of the whole concept of rhythmic orientation, as everyone assumes he’s playing quarter notes, but then after the full groove enters you realize he was playing upbeats the whole time.  I was listening to the Dogs Of Peace record with some friends the other day and the same thing happens on the title track from that album, except it’s the kick drum that you think is on quarters but is really on the upbeats.

Rhythmic orientation is also the issue behind much of the confusion on Bonham’s intro fill on Rock And Roll, and as I mentioned last week, is used heavily by Thom Yorke.