British neo-R&B vocalist Adele released her new record, 21, a few months ago.  I just got it last week, and it RULES.  You all need to buy this album.

Track 6 (“He Won’t Go”) is the coolest drum track I’ve heard in a long time. The snare tone is incredible and the playing is really musical, while also being smart AND serving the song well. The bummer is that I don’t know who played on it… and I don’t know because I bought the album digitally.

So this post is about the whole issue of digital music and the different landscape that it creates for liner notes and what not. I just need some help here.  I admit that I haven’t done much looking around for websites that offer track personnel info, but they’re few and far between from what I’ve been told. I often visit for that kind of info, but I’m tired of that website because they don’t list specific tracks.  Allmusic lists multiple drummers as contributing to this record, but that doesn’t help me know which one of them played on track 6.

Anybody have any helpful info on this kind of thing?

PS. Interestingly, the Nashville scene often lists the personnel with this same kind of ambiguity in the physical compact disc liner notes.  This has been frustrating but also kinda fun, as I’ve had to listen carefully and try to discern for each track between the two drummers listed (ex: Carrie Underwood’s 2nd album).  The Adele record is a little more difficult for this, however, because there are four drummers listed and I don’t know them very well.