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Well, we just landed in Scotland and checked into the hostel we’re staying at for the next few days while we’re in Edinburgh. So far this city really reminds me of Dublin and Belfast, but I suppose that makes sense.

For those that didn’t see the message from last month, here’s what I’m doing for the next 10 days…

JHQ Scotland Promo from Sulva Productions on Vimeo.

The technological landscape of 2011 and its effect on music has resulted in the widespread use of “loops” and other forms of programming/sequencing.  My theory is that this evolution in the music world is not a temporary fad… I think it’s here to stay.  Use of electronic accompaniment will be officially commonplace in only a few more years, and this requires drummers to have a familiarity with both the musical and logistical aspects of the new terrain.  Here to help us navigate those waters is none other than one of the catalysts of the evolution itself (at least in the Christian music world), Jeremy Bush aka “Bwack” from the David Crowder Band.

Here’s the two part interview, and it’s worth checking out: pt 1 and pt 2

Hey guys… the clinic at Rock Camp For Dads that I mentioned a few weeks ago has been rescheduled for late August. Logistically it made more sense on that date, so that’s what we’re doing!

More info to come.

Think about how this would SOUND.

HT: Huntley Miller

Hey, Twin Cities drummers…

You’re going to want to get one of these before they’re gone.

HT: B Assist

I’ve just been hipped to the Adventure Drums youtube channel.  I know I’m a little late to the party on this, but sheesh… I love it.

HT: Chris Richter

A dope 80’s Gretsch kit in some killer rock sizes appeared on the Nashville Craigslist on Tuesday, turns out they’re owned by McHugh. You all know my respect for that guy and his playing, but alas… the financial landscape at the Goold house doesn’t allow for purchasing a kit like this right now. Dang it.

Next best option: somebody from the blog purchases it so I can get a first-hand report on how they sound! Ha. Of course we know they sound awesome, no doubt having appeared on many of the records for which we all know and love Chris. I spoke with him on FB about it for a little while the other night and he vouches for their authenticity as his kit… not a rumor here.

Think about it. Pray about it.  I’m talking to YOU, Dan Noraker…

UPDATE: Well, nevermind. Chris just told me he sold it already. Sorry for the tease!

Some hip new drum gear from MONO.  Check it out.

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