A dope 80’s Gretsch kit in some killer rock sizes appeared on the Nashville Craigslist on Tuesday, turns out they’re owned by McHugh. You all know my respect for that guy and his playing, but alas… the financial landscape at the Goold house doesn’t allow for purchasing a kit like this right now. Dang it.

Next best option: somebody from the blog purchases it so I can get a first-hand report on how they sound! Ha. Of course we know they sound awesome, no doubt having appeared on many of the records for which we all know and love Chris. I spoke with him on FB about it for a little while the other night and he vouches for their authenticity as his kit… not a rumor here.

Think about it. Pray about it.  I’m talking to YOU, Dan Noraker…

UPDATE: Well, nevermind. Chris just told me he sold it already. Sorry for the tease!