I haven’t been posting on THIS blog lately, but I have been posting on my Tumblr page and my friend Bryan’s blog. Another thing I’ve been doing a lot of is listening to new music, so that’s always a good reason to post something on this site.

1. Bon Iver
The self-titled Bon Iver record is pretty great.  The drumming isn’t anything spectacular, but it’s not about that on this album.  Really creative arrangements and song structures combined with beautiful melodies make for a great listen.

2. Leagues
My friend Tyler Burkum started a band last year with some Nashville dudes and released a short EP a few months ago.  It is REALLY great.  Songwriting and tones, performances and parts… it’s a fantastic 3 tracks from all angles.  Jeremy Lutito on drums is just killing it.

3. Bob Marley
I recently picked up a few more Marley albums and can’t get enough of them. The groove and feel of those recordings is so simple yet so difficult to impersonate. A friend’s comment about reggae always comes to mind when I listen to Marley: “A lot of people try to do this and it just doesn’t work, but Bob Marley doing it sounds so legit.”

4. Dogs Of Peace
I revisited Speak because of my correspondence with John Hammond a few months ago, and it is as good as ever. So much pocket, so much vibe. What a great band! I’m putting this album on the list of records that every drummer should listen to once a year.

5. Medeski, Martin, and Wood
Speaking of revisiting albums, last week I listened to MMW’s Friday Afternoon In The Universe for the first time in YEARS. Yep, still rules.

6. Halloween, Alaska
The new single from the upcoming HA record, All Night The Calls Came In, can be heard here. Full album drops August 30.