This 20-min video is super inspiring on multiple levels and well worth your time to view it…

A few thoughts I had while viewing:

1. Just take out the word “classical” and leave it as simply MUSIC. It seems like classical music snobs are always thinking that the concepts of sadness and resolution only exist in the classical genre. I’m not saying Zander is one of these snobs, but just for your own benefit as a viewer, every time he says “classical music” you can just imagine that he’s talking about music generally.

2. This guy’s passion as a teacher is what I aim for. People are paying attention and listening to his playing not only because he’s herding them well but also because his affection for what he’s doing is so contagious.

3. Seems like “sparkly eyes” in people with whom you come into contact are a good thing to shoot for in every aspect of life, not just a teacher/student relationship.

4. Why do classical piano players monkey with the time THAT much? I mean, I get it with the whole expressive acellerandos and whatever, but the pulse on his full Chopin performance is ALL OVER THE MAP. Does it really need to be? Sheesh.

5. Zander’s description of music’s power to affect change within one’s emotions is exactly what I’m getting at in my post about music as a weapon. Imagine evoking memories of a lost loved one when you weren’t intending to and when it wasn’t helpful. Music has that power, so we as musicians MUST know how to use it.

HT: Erik Anderson