Those of you who regularly play in church and “worship music” settings will appreciate these video demonstrations for all the “drum parts” for the new Hillsong album. I put quotes on “drum parts” because that concept is hard to pin down. What all is part of “the drum part” for a song? If you play one of these songs at your church, do you have to do everything exactly the way this drummer does? Is it only the grooves that should be copied exactly, or should fills be copied also?

My general rule (which I’ve mentioned before at clinics and on this blog) is to SERVE THE SONG. Much of what the Hillsong drummer plays follows this rule, but I feel like some of it doesn’t. I’m interested in some feedback on this. As you watch the videos, consider which “drum parts” are serving the song and which are not, and get back to me in the comment section with some specifics.

HT: Skogerboe