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Attention Twin Cities cymbal heads…

Wow. Can’t wait to see this.

HT: Adam Levy

Hey friends. I’ve got some more gear to get rid of as I transition out of the Summer and move into different projects for the Fall. I loved using these cymbals at bigger outdoor gigs because of their cut and power, but I won’t be doing that again until a year from now and by then I’ll probably want to try a different Paiste line for outdoor stuff!

Paiste Twenty Series 16″ medium-light hats… $250
Paiste Twenty Series 20″ crash… $175
Paiste Twenty Series 22″ ride… $175

I also put them on Craigslist… but with slightly higher prices. Everything is┬ánegotiable, so if you’re at all interested just hit me up and let’s talk.

Also selling…

Small Anvil case
22″ cymbal bag w/ rollers

HT: Greg Harrington

HT: Jason Miller

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