I’m doing a ton of work in Ableton’s Live8 program this month for all the Christmas shows I’m a part of. The more I’m in the software the more I learn about it, and WOW can it do a ton. Case in point, check out this feature on Ableton electronic artist “Baths” (HT: Graham Sommers).

I spent a few years immediately after college resisting the computer side of music… click tracks, programming, loops, etc. I soon began to feel obsolete as a working drummer. My chops as a player were there, but my chops on the technology side of things were so lacking that I ended up being under-qualified for more gigs than I was comfortable with. Again, the more I learn about programs like Pro Tools and Abelton Live, the more I realize that these softwares are part of the very foundation of the modern music world.

My point: Next time you have extra gear money, think about picking up Live8 or a similar DAW, instead of another snare or ride cymbal.