I’ve never cared much about the mallets I use. Until now.

The Vic Firth CT1 Generals are my new mallet of choice, and it will take a LOT for them to get dethroned. First off, they are roughly the same diameter as the Vic Firth Weckls, which have been my rock sticks for decades. Secondly, the shaft doesn’t taper at all, so the mallets have a super dense and powerful feel, as opposed the the flimsy vibe that most keyboard/timpani mallets have.

But the real kicker is that these things sound GREAT when used in a cross-stick/sidestick (see photo below). I suppose that has something to do with the no-taper, or maybe it’s the extra weight/torque from the mallet tip, but I really don’t care about the reason. All I know is that these things actually sound BETTER than my normal Weckls when used for cross-stick. Lately I’ve been holding the mallet in my left hand for entire tunes, doing cross-sticks and cymbal swells with ease. Then when the song grows in intensity I can flip the mallet backwards and have the same feel as a reversed Weckl (butt-side).

These things are even roughly the same color as Weckls, although some of the recent ones I’ve seen are such a dark red that they look black.

Try the CT1’s. You will not be disappointed.

Hint: Make sure to put the rim of the drum closer to the mallet tip than you might think for the best cross-stick tone (again, see photo).