“It takes years of listening to find a drum part that perfectly suits a particular song. When I first started drumming , I just wanted to play a cool part I had been working on. Now what I want to play doesn’t matter… just make the song great!”

“Part of your musical growth , when you decide to play drums professionally , is to play on everything and anything. You will improve your skills, listening and ability to adapt to different musical styles and an artists mood and temperament. Music relationships are an important benefit of your visibility as a drummer.”

It goes without saying that reading Facebook status updates rarely leaves one with the feeling of having learned something, but lately I’ve been getting golden quotes like the above and many more at drummer Greg Herrington’s page. Well, technically it’s not his personal page, but the promo page for his recently-released book Drumming Career, The Next Step. Herrington plays for Martina McBride, as well as frequent session work in Nashville (Geoff Moore, Audio Adrenaline, others).

I haven’t read the book yet, but I’ve been paying attention to his Facebook statuses for a few months now and it has been worth it.