I listened to Keith Jarrett’s Tokyo ’96 album on the plane today, in honor of having just visited the city. GAAAAAHHHHH… it is so good. Even better than I remember, and I completely wore out that record in college. Every track is so moving. The record is on iTunes so go buy it immediately, and I think the dvd is available on Amazon if you look hard enough.

Taken from the dvd and posted on youtube just days ago is this gem…

You’ll want to watch this asap because I think Keith is pretty vigilant about his stuff not being on youtube. Jack’s playing on this track is a perfect example of a latin feel based on improvisation rather than committing to a particular pattern or rhythm. I’ve noticed that the larger drum world’s more dominant school of thought regarding latin playing is a very strict name and pattern approach, as if you’re not really playing latin unless you execute a cascara “this way” and not “that way”… and under no circumstances can you play a cascara with a rhumba clave… or whatever. PLEASE don’t pay attention to someone who talks that way. Music is not a study in systems or socio-cultural rules. Once again, it’s all about emotions, and Jack’s playing in the above video is DRIPPING with emotion.