HEY BLOG READERSSSS!!!!! That was written in all caps for extra emphasis.

The situation is this: I’m heading out for a North American tour over September and the first part of October. I will be in a bunch of cities across the great nation of the USA, and I will have some free time each day. I often use my free time on the road to read books and ride my skateboard, but I think this Fall I’m going to try some travelling drum lessons, so to speak.

If you want to get in on it, here’s what to do…

1. Click the link above and check out the tour for your city.

2. If we’re coming to your city, check the date and see if it’s such that you could free up a 30-min or 60-min time slot in the morning or early afternoon.

3. If the first two steps find you still wanting to get in on a drum lesson, then message me at gooldsteve@gmail.com and we can set it up.

The lessons will be whatever we want them to be. Q&A, rudiment stuff, listening/analysis stuff, conceptual stuff, jazz, rock, pop… whatever. We probably won’t be able to sit at an actual kit, but we can use a practice pad or a snare or both. That said, we will hang at the venues and we can definitely use the kit I’m touring with if the situation allows for noise on the stage at the time.

The rates won’t be steep… I’m not doing it for the money. I’m not teaching at all right now and I kinda miss it. Plus, I’m loving the opportunity that the road gives me to meet new people and build new relationships.

So hit me up if you want to make it happen! BOOSH.