Nashville’s awesomest drum shop, also known as heaven.

OC is rehearsing for the next 4 days in Nashville, and yesterday I had the chance to visit Fork’s Drum Closet. This place is… AMAZING. What an incredible resource for the drummers in this town. There are multiple hallways of wall-to-wall cymbals stacked sideways on shelves 3 rows high. The snare room had at least 15 snares so rare that I’ve only ever seen pictures of them. The parts and repair section in the back of the store boasts every possible lug, hoop, screw, bolt, or tension rod that one would possibly need. That mallets room alone was the size of most music store’s entire drum section.

Prioritize a trip to Fork’s if you are ever in Nashville. Also, the word is that they ship anything and everything via online orders, so regardless of where you live you should check them out.