X5A’s at an impromptu photo shoot during soundcheck

In my previous post about my current touring rig I mentioned that I was thinking about making an official switch on the sticks I use for rock/pop stuff. I’ve been playing drums for 20+ years now and I’ve always used the Dave Weckl Signature model Vic Firth sticks. I recently signed on with Vic as an official endorser, and through some conversations with my rep I decided to check out the X5A’s (Extreme 5A).

Weckl’s are the exact diameter of standard 5A sticks but with an additional quarter inch of length (16.25″ instead of a flat 16″). That extra length translates to extra torque, which I dig. Like I said, I’ve stuck with the Weckl’s for my whole career in high power playing situations, mainly because of the extra torque. Well, it turns out the X5A’s are an additional quarter inch longer than even the Weckl’s, but with that same 5A diameter. Even better, the sticks aren’t that crimson/brown color. Now, I’ve always kinda liked that the sticks I use are a different color than normal hickory, but playing with the left hand butt-side leaves red marks all over my heads, and I’m ready to do away with that.

The only other minor difference between Weckl’s and X5A’s is the tip shape. Weckl’s have a barrel tip, while X5A’s have a standard tear drop. This affects rebound slightly but cymbal tone heavily. That is to say, stick tip design affects cymbal tone, but the difference between a barrel and a tear drop isn’t very significant. If it were a barrel vs a mini tear drop, or a tear drop vs a BB, that would make more of a difference. Coincidentally, that’s one reason (among many) that I use the SD2 Bolero’s for jazz… because of the BB tip design and the tone I get from that on cymbals.

So, all that to say, no more Weckls. I’m playing X5A’s from here on out.