Man. I have totally let myself down by how little I have posted here since this summer’s heavy touring started. I really do love having this blog and I really do want to post stuff on it every day and I really do think that would be a worthwhile way to spend time.

And then I don’t make time for it. Crap.

So I started a project. I’m going through old posts and deleting ones that are stupid or random or whatever and updated/correcting/editing ones that are worth keeping. The ones that are worth keeping I’m going to repost in a new blog series called “From The Archives.” Yes… it’s a lame and predictable title for a blog series.

First up, a post from the very first day I started the blog back in May of 2008. I hope you enjoy it if you’re new to my blog and haven’t read it before, and if you remember reading it but you have a fresh perspective to leave in the comment section then go for it.