I gave two small presentations at this past May’s The Drumset and the Kingdom event: an opening for the day (posted a few months ago) and a closing. I just posted the closing session as a youtube video (audio only).

I wish we had done some video stuff but the day crept up on us without ever getting those details nailed down. Also, I wish we had more carefully soundchecked the audio recording, because the above video is quite shortened from the actual presentation. The recording levels weren’t set for drum volumes and the clipping during my actual playing is unbearable. So the above-linked video picks up right after I performed a short intro track, and then I edited out most of the 2nd track I performed as well. Also left out is the Q&A time, which is hard to follow along with since the questioner’s voice is inaudible on the recording.

So… yeah. We could have done the recording thing a little better. Next time. Regardless, I hope what is here is valuable to you.