1) The Verbs – And Now, The Verbs … Steve Jordan on drums, and Jordan’s wife Meegan Voss on vocals and songwriting. The ultimate hipster band. Two words: DRUM TONE.

2) Rascal Flatts – Nothing Like This … the 2010 release from the platinum and Grammy-winning country band. Also known as a Chris McHugh domination station.

3) Alan Silvestri – Cast Away soundtrack … it’s a somewhat abnormal submission for a listening suggestion, but I have to make mention of this 3-min track composed for Cast Away. I’ve been going through my library of string-heavy mp3s for use in sampling and mashups, and this one just stands out so much. Really moving.

4) Boiler Room … here’s another unconventional entry for these listening posts, but it totally counts. I’ve been dialing up Boiler Room DJ sets on Youtube and checking those out. I actually go one step further and record them into ableton and bounce them into mp3’s so I can listen to them offline. Photek’s 35-min set is CRAZY awesome, and Thom Yorke also has an interesting set. But there are dozens of these to check out. Worth it.

5) Lastly, in the MOST abnormal listening mention I’ve ever made… I’ve been listening to MYSELF a ton lately. Ha. Basically, I’ve been doing some editing and mixing on the project that guitar phenom Jasper Nephew and I recorded with Matt Patrick at the Library in early January. All improvised instrumental stuff. I’m really pumped about it. Stay tuned for that to release digitally in March or so.