I’m in the middle of another tour with Owl City right now, and this time we’re opening for Maroon 5 on their North American leg. Let me first say… those guys are great musicians. Good pockets and cool parts and clean players. But their PRODUCTION is off the charts. LED walls everywhere. Lasers, confetti canons, additional staging that lowers into place… all the bells and whistles.

One very cool element is LED screen walls under the drum risers, but also even on the drums themselves. This means that the video content scrolling across the backdrop LED screens can be on the stage area as well in a very 3-dimensional way. The result is basically a Glo Kit, but brighter and with moving video content when desired.

LED external shell wraps... I wonder how they attach?

LED external shell wraps. For the record, I am not on board with the holes in the crash cymbal thing. Maybe I will have a change of heart someday, but I’m just not into it.

One possible downside to this would be the weight. The wraps certainly appear to be heavy, and they attach externally, so the weight of the LED’s would be on the drum itself. I’d think this would produce some choking, but I didn’t hear any during the show.

I’m looking forward to seeing these guys play every night for the next two months.