Gear update…

This photo was taken immediately after we finished our playing our set supporting Maroon 5. Everyone promptly went to the concourse to get snacks and buy t-shirts.

I think this photo was taken during soundcheck. Either that or there were less people at this show than I remember.

I’m in the middle of 8 weeks of Owl City shows, most of which are openers for Maroon 5 on their North American 2013 tour leg. I’m using pretty much the same rig as this past Fall, but with a couple changes.

– No more side snare with a trigger. We played a bunch of shows overseas and couldn’t bring extra gear, so I had to get used to playing those samples on the Roland pad. I think I like it better now that way.

– I’m using my black brass snares this time around, instead of the 15″ glo kit snare. I have both the 5×14 (cranked tight) and the 6.5×14 (tuned pretty deep) with me, and I switch them out about 4 or 5 times throughout the set.

– Paiste Traditionals are almost always my cymbals of choice, but a brighter cymbal setup for these big rooms makes more sense. I’ve got a 22″ Twenty Custom full ride, 20″ Twenty Custom full crash, 20″ Twenty crash, 16″ Twenty Custom crash as hihat top, and a 16″ Twenty med thin hihat bottom.